Riddle me this, Batman

Dear Jorge Arbusto:

(two can play this silly-ass cutesy nickname game.)

OK. So, you hoped against hope — given the crap quality of the intel you’ve had from the CIA during your residency so far — that you had the whereabouts of Saddam Hussein pinpointed.

That’s cool, and I appreciate the chutzpah of dumping your war plans to attempt to “decapitate” Iraq.

But, um… Jorge. Amigo. A few things.

* What does it say about your supposed quest for disarming Iraq, if you were willing to throw the command structure over those weapons into chaos, given that you don’t have control over them?

* What does it mean when, presumably, you have someone inside Hussein’s circle both close enough to him to know where he is, and is willing to fink him out to get him killed… But you don’t have anyone willing to say where these much hypothesized weapons are?

Just a thought.